Miranda Kragulj

English trainer – course developer

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Would you like to take your English to the next level of fluency and accuracy? I am happy to help you work on the skills that lead you or your team to greater confidence while performing in all aspects of business and daily life. My experience ranges from teaching absolute beginners to instructing advanced writing seminars, presentation workshops and proficiency level courses.

My current and previous clients include diplomats and employees from the various embassies and permanent missions based in Vienna, local and international companies, governmental offices, the Austrian Parliament and the Austrian National Theater. I have been working as an individual contractor at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime since 2018, where I instruct general courses, specialized workshops and online courses to staff in the field offices.

My qualifications include a degree in International Relations, a diploma in English Language Studies and the Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults (CTEFLA).

I love teaching in the international environment because it allows my students to learn so much more than “just” English.  I recognize potential in all my students and am committed to developing lessons that engage them both individually and as a group.

Workshops and Courses

All courses and workshops are available either in-company or via video conference, such as Skype, Microsoft Teams or Zoom.



Speaking and Presentations

This course covers all aspects of spoken communication, from everyday conversation to formal presentations. Participants are given the essential language, skills and techniques needed to participate in discussions and to deliver an effective speech or presentation. Challenging role-plays will be used to develop language skills in both the formal and informal environment.

Writing Workshop

This course offers students the chance to improve their office writing skills. We will be looking at various types of writing, from informal emails to formal letters and reports. By the end of this course, students will have gained a wide range of vocabulary and phrases related to correspondence and a deeper knowledge of English grammar.

Office English

In this well-rounded course, we practice the English skills required for the work environment. Students are taught the language skills used to communicate effectively in meetings and negotiations, and are also given the opportunity to prepare a work-related presentation. The key phrases and grammar points needed to write clear and convincing written communications are incorporated into the lessons.

Listening and Pronunciation:

This workshop focuses on developing speaking and listening skills in a variety of contexts. Students will examine idiomatic English found in various situations and settings. We will improve listening skills and oral communication through a variety of sources such as film clips, radio programs and song lyrics. Part of the course will be devoted to accurate pronunciation and impromptu speaking activities.

Business Writing Workshop:

This course focuses on writing appropriate, structured and to-the-point paragraphs and sentences in English. Students will be expected to analyse the style and grammatical structures used in formal written texts and informal correspondence. The main objective of this course is to increase awareness of the techniques involved in good business correspondence and participants will be given the opportunity to practice applying these techniques to emails, official letters and business reports.

Advanced Conversation:

This course covers all aspects of spoken communication, from everyday small talk to more formal business negotiations. Participants will examine the essential language, skills and techniques needed to actively take part in spoken communication in diverse situations. Challenging role-plays will be used to develop vocabulary and apply language skills to conversation in both the formal and informal context.

Editing and Proofreading

With over 20 years’ experience in proofreading personal, academic and business documents in various fields and subject areas, I can help you turn your draft into a professional and well-written document.


I have worked with students and professionals from all over the world and am familiar with the typical writing errors of non-native English speakers. I would be happy to go over your text and advise you on how to improve it in terms of grammar, punctuation, spelling, idioms,  word choice and style.



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